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Westside Apartments

Westside apartments (Small).jpgThe West Side Apartment complex is 180 units located in the heart of the City of Georgetown and is one of the largest pieces of property in the city.  This complex is a mix of town house and single story units. This complex has 1,2,3, and 4 bedroom units. This complex is within walking distance of schools, shopping, social service agencies, Georgetown Memorial Hospital and other medical facilities.   The GHA main offices and David Drayton Community center is located on the West Side Apartment property.  The community center offers many opportunities to GHA program participants (Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher) which include the After School Program for ages 6-18 Monday - Thursday, and Kids Summer Program for ages 6-18 Monday - Thursday. Applications for the program can be obtained at the Central Office customer service desk. 


GHA partners with many organizations that provide programs at the David Drayton Community center on a regular basis.  Programs include, Adult Education Support Services, Teen programs, Financial Counseling, Homeless Veteran Assistance Programs, and Criminal Domestic Violence Support Services (check the lobby for more information).